Friday, April 20, 2007

That's natural fibres, you understand...

... like wool, silk or cotton. Those of you looking for whole grains had best surf right on by as you shan't find any here. Not that I have anything against whole grains, mind you - I simply don't consume them in the same quantities as wool or cotton, which I go through by the kilo. Can you imagine eating that much bran in one sitting? The mind reels.

Now that the dieters have moved on to grainier pastures, I shall explain myself: I'm a handweaver and this is meant to be an account of all things textile in which I'm involved. I was going to call it my WebLog (woven fabric is called a web, you see - as in "oh what a tangled web we weave...") but I figured I'd tire of the pun pretty quickly. WebCam is almost certain to make a regular appearance, however! (See the first installment above.)

Mostly this will consist of warps on my looms and textile projects underway so that people who're interested in what I'm up to can keep tabs on me (Hi, Mom!) and those who've promised to pester me into productivity can see how well they're succeeding (or not). There will also be a smattering of other weavers' projects, stuff related to my local weavers' guild or the classes I teach, weaving drafts I want to share, etc. etc.

So... welcome! I hope you enjoy this blog more than a bowl full of bran. I know I will!

- Janet