Sunday, March 29, 2009

Links to inspire you (and me!)

WOW, just saw this on the CBS News website - I guess it's from a Sunday morning art spot or something? It's a video about a pair of artists who are weaving some really incredible pieces out of glass rods that they make themselves. Sooooo amazing!

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I found it via Twitter - I've got a TweetBeep alert running right now that alerts me to tweets related to weaving. Most of them are actually about really bad drivers on the freeway (weaving in and out of traffic is the general idea) but there are a few gems that are actually related to weaving on looms or weaving baskets and I'm finding lots of really interesting people to follow.1 :) One of those tweets was actually about this video and I'm so glad I went to check it out!

And, on the subject of videos I've found beautiful or inspiring, here's another one I like even more:

I have watched it over and over and over and over1 and listened to the song even more. The art in the vid is really lovely and gentle and sincere but the lyrics of the song are like hearing the soundtrack that goes on inside my head - and, I'm sure, inside the head of any artist or artisan who aspires to make.. well, if not a living then at least a life out of his or her work. Maybe even those guys in the glass vid, except that at $4-12k per piece, I doubt they've got doubts any more.

That one I found in this blog by Betz White, which is one of my new faves. Another blog I've recently found and fallen in love with is How About Orange. I recommend them both! I'm turning into quite the blog junkie lately, as you can see from my much-expanded blog lists in the sidebar!

Now I really ought to head downstairs and work on the blankets I've got on the loom, but man, oh, man it's a bright sunny day outside and really warm (11 degrees!) so I'd much rather be out than in my dungeon of a basement. What to do, what to do...

1. Here's a tip for you weavers in the crowd who might like to do the same: to us "shuttle" means that thing that a bobbin of yarn goes in but to everyone else on the planet it means the Space Shuttle. And all those other people? They talk about space shuttles a LOT. Also "warp" means time warp. You'd be amazed at the number of Rocky Horror Picture Show fans out there. Seriously.

2. ...and over and over and over and over and over...


Sue said...

Wow! These videos are wonderful. I've just sent an email to our FiberNet group suggesting that they check them out on your blog. I agree that the song and the pictures on the second one are delightful and right on. And the work of the glass guys is amazing. Thank you for sharing these -- I'm not going to spend time searching around the internet and so appreciate your making special ones accessible.


Laura said...

What Sue said. The art video was particularly inspiring and I also appreciate your sharing. I've passed your blogsite along to my newsletter members. :)



branch manager said...

Love the Art music and video. Really hits home! I think we 'ought to' always. Have been tempted to order Betz White's new book. It's got a green cover and everything green!

jackie said...

Wonderful videos! Thanks so much for sharing.
Back before I started working outside of the home a few years back, I had a pretty bad blog habit. It was about an hour every morning that I would hope that the babe would sleep after the other kids left for school so that I could catch up on my blogs. Now I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes. Fridays are usually my catch up days but my list has shrunk considerably.
I love nipping over to see what you are up to and often wonder where the heck you found a 28 hour day! All my days seem to be only 24 and I never get everything done that I should.

Ellie said...

Just so you know---loved the videos. The ART video really plays over and over in my head.

jackie said...

I can't find your e-mail to reply to your questions. It was overshot and not all that hard once I did the right thing. Most of it was plain weave anyway. And the length was just as he asked for. The fellow that commissioned it was as tall as the fellow that was getting it so I just measured him with a super long measuring tape and he said that he wanted a fringe. I fringe most everything anyway so it was not a big deal. The materilas were pretty cheap, but I charged him for labour. I guess that that is not an option for you, eh?

Evelyn said...

Fantastic! Thank you for posting this. Evelyn

ASpinnerWeaver said...

Wow! Thanks for posting these. They are amazing and inspiring. Yes, we ought to!

florcita said...

Thanks for the links, both inspiring and something really nice to watch as you start the day!
Found your blog through the fiber Art ring... I stay a while to read a bit.