Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gossip girls

I realized late last week that folks will be arriving at the knit-a-thon on Saturday with stuff already made, a fact underlined by one of my friends showing up for our usual Saturday night gig with yarn and needles in hand. "Oh boy," thought I. "I'd better get knittin'." And so I have!

I've been using a super simple pattern: Cast on 80 stitches, knit until you've got enough, decrease at 8 points. Easy peasey. Haven't worried about gauge - some hats are bigger, some are smaller, but everyone's head's a different size anyway, right? They'll fit someone out there. :)

That up there ^ is my trio of finished hats. Don't they look like gossipy little things? Not sure what they're saying with the heads so close together like that... can't be anything nice!

This was the first one I knit, using up odd balls of some bulky acrylic stuff I had in der stash. I started on Saturday after I finished the toe of my sock while the aforementioned friends were still over. They'd brought me a huge cuppa tea which just so happened to be almost the first caffeine I'd had in weeks, so I was up allllllll night - got the hat done around 4:00 aye em, as I recall. Ooph. And then promptly cast one this one:

More acrylic yarn from the stash. I'm never keen to weave with acrylics so knitting with it is a great way to use it up. I was really surprised by how soft this hat is - the ball didn't feel that soft before it was knit but hoooo boy is it soft now! I also really liked how the colours swirled around it. :) Good job it's too small for me or I might be tempted to keep it.

Took a break from human sized hats to knit up the one for Des Barres on Sunday afternoon, but then went back to finish the swirly hat on Monday. On Tuesday I cast on this one:

I cast it on twice, in fact, since I discovered after knitting the first few rounds (at Tim Horton's, OF COURSE) that I was actually knitting a mobius strip. Ho hum. Frogged it and started again, still at Tim's, and then finished 'er up on Wednesday. The yarn in the purple one is heavier than the others so I only cast on 72 and it's still plenty big. Doesn't curl up at the bottom the same as the others do either. I'm hoping it'll be slightly less toilet-paper-covery once it's blocked.

We went to Tim's for lunch again today so I cast on a new one. Just barely getting started on it:

Poor new kid on the block. I hope the gossip girls aren't too hard on it!

I've got more of all these yarns so, if the stars are right, I might get to knit scarves to go with. I'm not all that fussy about knitting scarves - they just go on and on an on and on and ON. Might try knitting them lengthwise but what I'd really like to do is combine the yarns with some other stuff to make it super bulky and then knit that to make it go even faster. Sadly, even with my ridiculous stash, I don't have the right stuff to combine them with and it seems wrong somehow to go out and buy more yarn when I've got such a pile already. I'm hoping to find the perfect thing at the knit-a-thon on Saturday.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some knitting to do!


jackie said...

I know that the gossip girls are going to be kind to the new addition.

Janet said...

Pheh. Kinder than me, it turns out - it wasn't curling up at the bottom like it was supposed to so I frogged it and then knitted the yarn up with another white yarn and didn't like that either... so I gave all the rest of that blue stuff away at the knit-a-thon today to someone who will love it properly. All's well that ends well!

Anonymous said...

i hate when i knit a mobius strip hat. grrr.. but i am stoked to play with the fuzzy blue! thanks jan!


Janet said...

We should come up with a hat pattern that begins as a mobius strip!