Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You saw it here too!

Holy Cow! We actually made the front page -- in full, glorious colour, no less! We couldn't have asked for better advertising for the knit-a-thon than that! WOOOOOOOOT.

Thank you, Cape Breton Post for supporting the Knit-a-thon! Thank you, Steve Wadden, for such a great picture! Thank you to all our sponsors for donating signs, door prizes, lunch on the day, patterns for things to knit, yarn to knit and crochet them out of, needles and hooks to knit and crochet them with, and money for the Children's Lit programs at the CBRL. Thank you to all the knitters and crocheters who are planning to come! Bring your friends!

Okay, so that was a bit premature seeing as how the knit-a-thon isn't until Saturday. I'm just so excited to be on the front page that I'm overflowing with thankfulness. :) There are worse ways to be!

FYI: The text in the pic above is Pretty Small, but if you click on it you will see it in its full sized glory. For the moment (maybe just the day?), you can also see it in the e-version on the Post's website.

Of course, there are lots more close-ups and details at my original post on our exploits here.


Life Looms Large said...

Wow!! That's great - and to be front page news for something good - wonderful!!

All through your other post I was trying to figure out the statue-sized legwarmers......

Were they the sleeves from that sweater you dismantled, or the front and back of the body from that sweater???

I'm impressed that you found people to knit for a statue!!


Janet said...

They were the sleeves from this sweater. I picked out the seam under the arm and left the yarns attached so that we could use them to sew the sleeves onto his legs. Only thing I had to do to make them fit was to pick out the casting on around the cuffs so they'd stretch enough to go around his ankles. The rest fit like they were made for him. :) It was a BIG sweater!

The sweater was a Value Village special and Chris picked up a ton of scarves at Louie's, another second hand clothing place in town. The hat was the only thing knit specifically for him - pretty hard to find a 35" hat kickin' around, letmetellyou.

Laura said...

Whoo-hoo! Sounds like something that needs to be reported on a knitting podcast?



Janet said...

Oooo, that'd be cool! I don't know of any knitting podcasts, though, just the weaving one. Got one in mind?

Adrienne said...

he looked so much cozier, jan! i am so excited for saturday!

Laura said...

Hi Janet,

Hmm - I know Syne Mitchell has referred to several - perhaps check http://weavecast.com and ask her? You might check on iTunes and do a search for knitting podcasts?



jackie said...

That is AWESOME!