Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A little of this, a little of that...

Phew! Who knew it would be so hard to post on HFD regularly while I'm doing Scarf A Day?

Scarf a day is taking up most of my fiber energy lately -- but not all of it! I've got an idea in mind, an experiment if you will... I'm not going to say much about it now, but here's a preview of possible future attractions:

I'll post more later if this project amounts to anything. Yes, I'm a tease. :)

In almost completely unrelated news, I've been seeing more and more guerrilla knitting (aka knit bombing, aka knit graffiti) in the tubes lately, including this absolutely astonishing tree cozy and a whole host of other amazing things by the group knitta please and this incredible Mexico City bus by knit-graffiti artist Magda Sayeg. I can't get all that excited about knitted cozies for door handles, I have to say, but the scale of the covered trees and buses is pretty impressive...

And, before I forget, I wanted to share a picture of the beeooootiful thing my dear ol' mum has been weaving of late, for a show that she and some others are organising on her island off her coast:

She's weaving this on her new 12 shaft 60" macomber that SOMEONE GAVE HER. Okay, okay, so I don't think it was an actual gift -- the loom is living at Mom's for the foreseeable future but ownership has not actually been transferred as far as I know -- but geeesh! AND the macomber is like the umpteenth loom that she's acquired like this. Why does no one give me looms, I ask you? It wouldn't even have to be 12 shafts - I'd settle for eight! Even four in a pinch! I learned to weave first, doesn't that count for anything?! It's even got two back beams, one sectional and one not. (Ooops... drool in keyboard... Sorry, Lu) And yes, I realize that I already have three floor looms, one of which has never even been to my house and went directly into storage 'cause I don't have space to set it up. SO not the point!

Ahem. Now that that little tantrum is out of the way, is that not the most beautiful colour gamp you've ever seen? Check it out from some other angles (including one that shows off the loom *sob*):

I wish I could see the finished blankets in person but they're going into a show where I expect they'll sell in a heartbeat and so I shall not have the pleasure. Pictures may be worth 1000 words but they don't do much for tactile sensory input, eh wot?

And now, with drool in my keyboard and fingerprints on my screen, I bid you bonne nuit.


Laura said...

Poooooor Janet. :((((( Ah well, maybe Sue will leave her looms to you in her will????? :D


and yes the gamp is gorgeous!

Sue said...

That is a gorgeous color gamp!! A blanket you say?? It's mighty cold here too!!


Peg in South Carolina said...

Lucky you to have such a wonderful weavr for a mom!

Adrienne said...

that is awesome!

jackie said...

Drool drool drool (wipes chin)
That is a beautiful color gamp on an incredibly lovely loom!
Macomber is my favorite loom, but I don't have one either. And I too have 5 looms. Only 1 of which is in use right now. I have a space issue too.