Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mmm, fiber!

Hey folks! Still having trouble finding the time to post daily to both HFD and Scarfaday, and here it is Saturday with no SAD (an unfortunate acronym, that) post at all - I will be seriously lacking if I don't say something about fiber today, eh wot?

So here you are. This is what "fiber" has meant to me today:

No one had better tell me there's no fiber in peanut butter cookies. Seriously, I don't want to hear about it. There's certainly no "diet" in them, of that I'm well aware, so I've decided that there must be some fiber in them somewhere, perhaps hiding between the chocolate chips that somehow snuck their way into the recipe. And by "recipe" I mean packaged mix.

That's about as close as I've gotten to fiber today because it turns out that today was a photo day! Ron and I set out early to go buy ourselves some snowshoes and head to the park to go on a photo shoot to try out Stella, our new camera.1 Things did not go quite as planned - do they ever? The reasons for this included things such as "I just want to stop a couple places first," "they're out of showshoes!?" and "it's
really really cold!" In the end, our snowshoe through the park turned into a five minute dash down to the lake to take a couple of pics of gulls and ducks and some old buildings across the way and then a mad dash back to the car to warm up.

One of the stops we made en route was at a bookstore to try and find a good book on digital photography; sady we had no luck but since getting home I have spent
hours and hours reading various websites on the subject, and have quite fallen in love with Natalie Norton's photography, tutorials, and sensibilities in general. I almost wish I was getting married in Hawaii just so I could hire her to take my pics. I found her via some tutes on DPS, which I heartily recommend to anyone with a hankering to learn more about digital photography - Natalie's in particular but the whole site is GRATE.

Okay, so that's the non-fiber news.

In other, more fibrous news, I finally finished the second sock! What sock, you ask? Can you have forgotten those green/blue/yellow socks I mentioned knitting aaaages ago? This sock, of course! The one on the left, with missing foot:

Sock #2 is finally done, apart from the kitchener on the toe, and no sooner had I finished it than I... (very proud of myself here) frogged the entire toe of sock #1! It simply wasn't big enough because I'd gotten impatient and hadn't knit the foot long enough. I know, I know - it looks ridiculously long in the picture - and in person - so I was confident I'd knit it long enough. And yet, I had not, and so it had to go. This is further evidence that I'm maturing as a knitter, as even though it goes against every fiber (ha!) of my being to frog something once I've knit it, I decided I'd rather spend the time reknitting that toe and be able to wear the sock than to leave it as is. I'm just going to cast on another pair as soon as these are done, after all, so what's the rush to knit one sock versus another?

This sock knitting and frogging happened at yesterday's Fiber Friday, which was by far the best attended FF I've ever been to. It was really fab - we had knitters, spinners, rug hookers, the works. Not to mention a bit of story time going on in the corner where one of the moms with wee ones was reading to her son - who very obligingly turned the pages for her so she could keep knitting while reading, of course! This was, to my mind, a perfect example of why Fiber Friday at the library makes perfect sense.

So that was yesterday. Tomorrow is the Unspun Heroes first spinning meet for ages and I'm really looking forward to it. I gather there will be a fair bit of dyeing going on but I plan to take my wheel and get that purple pencil roving done - I'm anxious to chalk a few things off my unfinished projects list and move on to new ones! I will take my camera with so that tomorrow evening I have something genuinely fibery to share.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some (high fiber) cookies to eat. Yum!

1. I should maybe fill Ron in on the whole "Stella" thing, hmm? Strangely, he doesn't seem able to hear things shouting out their names as clearly as I can. For me, it's like they come to us wearing little name tags. Is this a form of synethesia, I wonder?2

2.Synethesia has got to be The. Coolest. Thing. Ever. Lucky Ron, he's got it to a limited degree: some numbers have colours for him. I'm so envious!


jackie said...

Of course peanut butter cookies are high in fibre! So are chocolate chip cookies! Ask me how I know ;-)
Your socks look marvelous! And congratulations for frogging the toe! I don't think that I am that mature as a knitter yet. The way that I knit, I may never be!

Janet said...

Thank you! This was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear! :D