Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holy anagrams, Batman! = A banana's glamor myth

I found a link to an anagram engine on Bent Objects a few minutes ago and can't stop playing with it. Waaaay too much fun!

Janet Dawson = 702 anagrams, including "Jan downs tea" - how well it knows me! Though it can't know me too well, 'cause it also said "Jan wed a snot." So untrue!

Weavers Palette = 34117 anagrams, including the very weaverly and rather poetic "wavelets repeat" and the far less poetic "area twelve pest". Now I'm thinking of ways to weave repeating wavelets (and wondering just where area twelve is).

Mixed Media Artisans = 55556 anagrams, which seems to be the maximum number it will deal with, since if I restrict it by insisting on a particular word or by excluding other words, it still produces that many. It only ever shares the first 1000, but there were plenty of fun ones in that short list anyway. For some reason, many of them included the words "madam" and/or "sex" in some fashion, such as "A madam insider's exit" or "a dadaism mire sex tin." At the less risque end of the spectrum was "A marinade misted six" which makes me think we ought to be looking for three new co-op members and investing in marinade...

And with that, I'm off to down some tea.

Jan saw, noted.
Jan twas done.

P.S. Ut oh! Scarf A Day = A Scary Fad

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