Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1000 pieces of yarn

Oops, no post yesterday. Was this because I was working so very hard on my high fibre diet? ... ... Not so much! Although technically paper is made of fibres and puzzles are made of paper and it's a picture of yarn, for goodness sake! So yeah, I guess I was sticking to the diet! :D

What am I blathering about? Read on and learn!

Isn't it pretty? My aunt and uncle sent it for Christmas present. We don't normally exchange presents but they said they saw this and thought of me. Can't think why!

All the pieces turned over to their right side and the edges pieces (at least the ones we could find!) sorted out into the lid. The pieces in this puzzle are totally wild - all kinds of marvelous weird shapes totally different from the usual puzzle suspects. I love that about puzzles and all day long I was dreaming up ways to use puzzle pieces or their shapes in cool different ways.

Some of the balls were really easy to pick out 'cause they were the only ones of a certain colour or type of yarn. The rest got sorted into big piles to be dealt with later. Here the easy ones are mostly done.

After the easy balls, the next easiest bit was the wicker basket lid and handle and the knitting needles. The shuttles over on the side were trickier since they were close to the background colour, so they were dealt with later. Note the giant pile of red at the bottom and the purple in the middle - this after a lot of the purple was done at the top. Not shown: a third pile of red-and-purple-on-the-same-piece. There was a lot of red and purple in this puzzle, folks!

Those pesky purples are all done here, plus the difficult fluffy purple/red/pink/blue/green yarn in the bottom right corner. Starting to sort the reds into different shades and fibres...

The reds, the reds are done! Woot! Now just one more of the crazy multi coloured boucles and the wild green eyelash that makes up the whole top right corner and much of the right side.

Ta da! The final result! Isn't it purty? Note the glare from the overhead light - made it really difficult to work on from some angles, not to mention to get a good pic. And yet, you can really clearly see the shape of the puzzle pieces inside the glare, so I've decided that I love it after all. :D

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Laura said...

What fun! I've not seen a puzzle for knitters before, just quilters.