Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Crackle Continues

Got the third Zielinski sample woven this evening, using the same threads and block progression as the first two:

For some reason this structure didn't beat in as much as the other two - not sure if I'm just beating more gently today or if it's something structural. Could be either one, or both.

So far, I think I like this one best, although I have a nagging worry that I got the treadling wrong somehow. It doesn't look as neat and tidy as Zielinski's drawdowns but I find that I rather like the variety of structures in the different blocks in this one more so than the others. There's a lot going on in this cloth structurally speaking, not to mention the colour changes.

I know it's hard to see the structures very well in these on-loom pics. I'll scan all the samples when they're off the loom so that they're really big and clear, but for the time being here's a side by side comparison:

Sample #1 is on the left. Sample #3 is on the right. Sample #2 was too blurry and went home. You can very clearly see the difference in the way the samples beat up -- there are the same number of blocks in both. If you squint and hold your mouth just right, you should also be able to make out the same block progression in the two samples. (The embedded picture is still Very Small - you can see the threads much more clearly if you click on the picture to see it full size.)

And now for an Artist's Way tangent:

I'd hoped to get more than one sample woven today but I finally went on my first Artist Date - I'd been thinking about it for about a week but somehow hadn't actually gone out and done it. I finally bit the bullet, grabbed my digital camera and headed out into the relatively balmy -13 degree sunshine to tromp about the yard and take some pictures. And by "some" I mean over 300. Had a great time doing that and also the editing and cropping and weeding out afterwards. Here is the result.

A friend and fellow guild member is going to come over in the morning and have a go at these samples - I'm really looking forward to it! No one but my dear ol' mum has ever come to my home and and woven on my looms.1 I'll have to find some other pattern weft for her to use since the 4/8 green is nearly used up. Just as well - no sense her weaving samples exactly like mine!

I'd really better get a move on with these samples myself, since I've got a lot to do unweaving-wise over the next two days. I really want to get this warp off by the end of the day on Saturday, 'cause Sunday is Feb 1, and you know what that means...2

1. Come to think of it, I don't think even Mom has ever woven on Mabel. Good ol' Mabes, she's a monogamous kinda gal. Makes me feel a bit guilty, actually, seeing as how I've been stepping out on her with Joey all this time, not to mention all those trysts with looms in the classroom and even a one night stand or two with Mom's looms... Poor Mabes!

2. Feb 1 is the first day of Scarf a Day, of course! Gah! and also Woo! I must say, I am feeling some trepidatious3 excitement about the prospect.

3. Is that a word? That should totally be a word... holy Hannah, it IS a word, at least according to wiktionary. I really didn't expect that. ... Ah, but I see that my New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Thumb Index Edition (in two volumes - big thumbs?!) does not concur. Instead, it offers up "trepidatory (adj.) of, or pertaining to, or characterized by trepidation."

I think I prefer trepidatious since it 1) sounds like it really shouldn't be a word even though you want it to be one, and 2) sounds like something out Mary Poppins.


Sue said...

So far these samples are interesting, but I can't say that they blow me away. Something about the irregularity of the thick wefts in #3 throws me off. But I know there is a lot you can do with Crackle -- will be interested to see where your explorations take you.


Peg in South Carolina said...

Blowing up the samples was interesting. The one on the left looks the same in both the embedded and the blow up. The sample on the right looks quite different from the embedded image. On the one hand, I like the right one much less than the one on the left. On the other hand, it intrigues me. I think part of the problem may be that the color stripes in the warp confuse what is going on. But I'm not sure. Perhaps the blocks, or some of the blocks, need to be a lot taller? Perhaps the treadling order needs to be changed? Perhaps you need to check Zielinski again, as you suggested? Perhaps the weft color needs to be changed? Perhaps the whole thing needs to be done with finer yarns? It is in working with something like this where you will start to find your own voice. That is, if it intrigues you. If it doesn't intrigue you, then move on.