Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Gah! So I'm weaving away on my crackle samples (pics soon, promise!) when Ron says, "Errr. Look where Brown is."

GAH! It's not clear in this picture how much she's stretching the web, so you'll have to trust me on this. She's not a very heavy cat, but there's some serious stretching action going on here. I don't know what's worse, that she's lying there on the web, stretching it so badly... or that I thought it was so cute I took a ton of pics before shooing her off the loom.

Isn't she lovely? Timid and elusive as a house hippo, Brownie is always guaranteed to show up when there's weaving going on -- though usually she doesn't do anything naughty. This, however, was Very Naughty Indeed and so (after taking about half a dozen pictures) I kicked her off the loom.

Apparently I wasn't very convincing about this, because I glanced over about two minutes later and not only was she back, she'd brought reinforcements:

Holy Headlights on Black Spot, Batman!1 Needless to say, there was much more shooing at this point, and I put a shuttle on top of the web so that she wouldn't jump back up.

And she didn't. Jump back on top, that is. No, she tried a new tactic. Right in front of me, while I was sitting here writing this and shaking my head over how cute and naughty she was, she climbed back onto the loom. This time when I glanced over, this is what I saw:

Sneaky, eh? But so undeniably cute! How can you resist a face like this, I ask you?

The answer being: by prodding it emphatically in the rear end with a shuttle!

So far, so good - she hasn't come back yet. I'm trying to decide whether I dare go upstairs for dinner, which Ron has just informed me is out of the oven, and risk my warp to her clever, daring ways.

1. Yes, you read that right. My cats' names are Black Spot and Brown Spot. No, we did not intentionally name them after plant diseases. There's a long story, but suffice to say that we rarely use their full names. At least not without getting funny looks.


jackie said...

Thankfully my last cat (now in the great litterbox in the sky) never had any interest in my fiber. But there were things that she was interested in (like the kitchen counter and table to name a few) and I had a secret weapon! A pump action water gun. I only ever had to use it about a half a dozen times and she got the picture. Then all I had to do was lay it in front of things like the Christmas tree and she never gave it a second glance. Just walked on by humming "I don't see you"

Sue said...

These are very cute -- if rather unfortunate for your fabric! Hope it will go back into shape when wet finished. She looks totally innocent!

Beth said...

Brownie is beautiful! Who's in the background with the "headlights?" Fortunately, my aging, arthritic cat, Jagger, has no interest in my weaving. I can't even get him to stay in the room with me. He prefers his pillow on the floor these days. Poor ol' boy. I love him.

Janet said...

That would be her equally beautiful sister, Blackie. Who is, you may have noticed, not only patently not black but also much lighter than Brown. She is very small, and also goes by "Peanut", "Coppertop," "Bonsai Kitty" and occasionally "Feather Duster."

The cats' names are actually Black Spot and Brown Spot but those are both too long and too embarrassing for general use. Although it sounds like we named them for plant diseases, this is not the case. When they were itty bitty tiny little thingies (only three days old) they were almost identical, except that one had a Brown Spot on her side where the other had a Black Spot. As they grew up other differences emerged but by then the names had stuck.

The further irony here (apart from Black being lighter than Brown) is that Brown's spot isn't actually brown at all, it's orange.

Restless Knitter said...

Those are so cute. How smart to crawl inside instead of on top of the cloth.