Thursday, January 8, 2009

WebCam 01.08.09

Here's what's on the big loom right now:

They're baby blankets done using 8/8 cotton for both warp and weft (tho I might use 4/8 for the weft on the last one just to compare fabric weights). This is a bit heavier than the baby blanket in my last post; I used a 4/8 cotton boucle in the weft for that one. I'm planning to finish off the ends of these with cotton flannel. There's a sale on flannel prints at my local fabric store right now, too - yay for fortuitous timing! I'm also looking forward to using my spanky (but rather scary looking) new bias tape maker that makes tape 1" wide, which is what I used on all four edges of the other blanket.

I'm just about done with blanket #3 of 4. I used a light green for the weft in this one, which I quite like:

I used a slightly darker green with a bluer cast for the one before this and didn't like it as much. Still nice, but I prefer the lighter colours. I used a light blue for the first one and it was oh, SO nice. Too bad I didn't snap a pic of that one, eh wot? Not sure yet what to use for #4. Considering yellow, considering natural, considering another of the pretty, pretty light blues... I've still got another 14" or so to decide, but I want to get these done tonight or in the morning so that I can pick up the fabric while I'm out tomorrow afternoon.

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