Monday, January 19, 2009

In pursuit of fibre

I have vowed not to write much today, or at least not this morning, 'cause I really need to get to the looms. I was worried when I started blogging again that I'd wind up spending more time on the computer than weaving and so it has come to pass. Best head that action off at the pass, else I'll have to do some choosing. I want to have my cake and eat it too - high fibre cake, of course! - so today, just a few tiny tidbits.

1) I got mail from one of my favourite customers who, in addition to picking out some colours for a new wool blanket, has sent me some pictures of her babies, Bogie and Bailey, enjoying a blanket she's had for a few years now:

Aren't they cute little darlin's? I love to see cats on my blankeys - mosty 'cause I just love cats but also because it means they're really being used and not just folded up and put away. The blankets, that is, not the cats.

I have heard back from Aunt Janet re: her blanket as well, so now I've got two blankets waiting for the big loom. Really must get that rosepath stuff off so the blankets can go on!

2) I found a link to this very, very cute o w l s sweater by needled by reading the craftzine blog today. I am tempted and I have loads of chunky yarn to use but a sweater is an awfully big project and I'm trying to keep knitting projects small, both for sanity and for the sake of my wrists. Incidentally, in the context of her o w l s sweater, Wazzuki also has some very good things to say about the collaboration on and originality of designs and remuneration for design work, etc. Things I wrestle with myself on an ongoing basis. If you're interested, you'll find them here, near the bottom of the post.

3) I ran across Bonnie Tarses' Weaving Spirit blog on which, among other things, she has kits for sale. The idea for kits has been on my mind for some time, since even before the Yarn Barn asked for permission to kit the project I had in the ND07 issue of Handwoven magazine. I need to do a lot more research but I'm thinking about selling pre-wound warps for several of my placemat colour palettes and possibly some of the scarves as well. Will have to investigate how to put them on the blog, the shop website, and in the shop this summer as well.

4) Am still toying with my 'scarf a day' project idea. Whether I go ahead with it will depend largely on how much weaving I can get done in the next two weeks. More info on this to follow!

Oops, better post and get off the comp as it's 11:59 aye em and I want to at least get downstairs this morning! Must fly!

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