Friday, January 9, 2009

Best laid plans...

So I didn't get to my fibre lunch group today, nor did I get to the flannel fabric place. In fact, I stayed home in my jammies, reading a new (to me) webcomic and eating the cookies I baked to take this afternoon. Ahem. Guess that falls into the "balance of slack" category.

The aforementioned cookies and comics were balanced by weaving off the baby blanket warp just now. I decided to go with the nice, creamy yellow that's in the warp for the last one. Now I just have to deal with the knots that went by whilst winding on the warp and then I can serge my babies apart, wash them up and take them to the store to pick out some lovely flannel to go with. Soon there will be pics!

Oh, and I finished my sock but for the grafting on the toe, which I shall attempt to do neatly tonight.

I want to get the second sock well under way before my new needles arrive, lest my First Sock EVAR1 remain mateless. I know I'll want to use the new needles immediately and then I may never go back to the rather swear-y ones I'm using now and since the new ones aren't the same size... you get the idea. Oh, and guess what? The sock I finished actually fits.

Scampy, No.2 Cat, likes the new sock, especially the end I left for teh graftings...

Yes, it's a bit loose so it may be relegated to jammy socks but, considering how much time I spend in my jammies (not just while eating cookies and reading webcomics!), this is not a bad life for a sock of mine. It just needs a mate to spend that life with.

1. Okay, so I made a pair of socks about 20 years ago2 but they were so saggy and baggy that I only wore them once or twice and even that was enough to put a hole in them thanks to the el cheapo, thick cotton yarn I used, so we just won't mention them, hmm?

2. Omg, omg, how can I possibly be old enough to have done something like knit a pair of socks 20 YEARS AGO!?!??

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