Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!

I got the best email tonight! My Auntie Janet wrote to ask if I would weave her a blanket. Will I weave her a blanket? Of COURSE I'll weave her a blanket! I'd LOVE to weave her a blanket!

I should perhaps point out that Aunt Janet is not my biological aunt, but rather my dear ol' mum's BFF1 since their college days. She gave me the very first thing I ever ever got, i.e. MY NAME, so I am totally excited to be able to give her something back.

1. Ye gods, did I actually just use the term 'bff'? That is the one (1) and only time I've ever done that. May it also be the last.2

2. For the benefit of the aforementioned dear ol' mum, who I know reads my blog occasionally, and anyone else who might not know: BFF means "best friend forever".


Sue said...

Very cool, huh? She's been talking to me about a blanket for months, but I didn't want to say anything before she did. :-)

Janet said...

VERY cool!