Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Endings and beginnings

The rosepath singles are nearly done! Could have stayed up to finish it tonight but decided to leave it until the morning so that I'll be more alert when I go over the yardage for skips or other glitches. I've also gotten the first couple inches of Joey's scarf started, so maybe I'll finish off that warp tomorrow as well. I need to get Joey cleared off so that I can get cracklin! Especially since the crackle's got to come off before the end of the month if I'm really going to do the scarf-a-day in February.

I'm off to tuck myself into bed with The Artist's Way - a glass artisan friend and I have agreed to at least read the book at the same time, though we've made no promises about actually doing any of the exercises. I must admit I'm pretty skeptical but I figure what the heck.


Janet said...
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Peg in South Carolina said...

Hi Janet, nice to see that you are giving Cameron a try. It might be interesting to work on it with another person, as you are doing. Hope that you will post about your experiences at some point.

Janet said...

Well, after reading just the first bit, I'm actually pretty excited about the morning pages and the artist's dates. Haven't gotten as far as the first exercise yet, but those first two things at least appeal to me quite a lot.

I'm still digesting the more "spiritual" parts of those first two chapters and trying to find an interpretation of what she's saying that feels comfortable, but I think I understand what she means even if I wouldn't describe it in the same terms.

Janet said...

I have posted a bit about my first reactions to The Artist's Way here.